GRID TIED Roof Top Solar plant:

A solar plant is installed on the roof and the electricity produced is mixed with the electric power coming from JVVNL .
The electricity generated from solar is first given to your factory/establishment and the surplus if any is given out to JVVNL for which JVVNL pays at the rate of 6.74 Rs per unit.
If the solar electricity is less then your consumption then the shortfall is supplied by the JVVNL and JVVNL will charge @ 6.5 Rs per unit.
At the end of the billing cycle JVVNL will generate Bill for net unit consumed using NETMETERING method.

Some Facts about Grid Tied Solar plant.

  • It is similar to Large Solar Power Plant.
  • Electricity generated from Solar Power Plant is synchronized with Electricity from JVVNL.
  • When JVVNL supply fails, Generation from Solar Power Plant also stops.
  • This is for Safety reasons, mandated by JVVNL.
  • It will not work when there is no sunlight.